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An Anger at Birth is a thriller about a violent, psychologically disturbed teenager who violates the ultimate social taboo and preys on infants and toddlers. The story takes the reader in close to the genesis of his anger of his own damaged history starting with his illegitimate birth. This teen represents many of the ticking bomb teens in our world and how they confront an inept social services system, disenfranchised schools, and ill-equipped single moms.

Confrontations with a competent shrink seem too late to stop his most heinous act yet, but the therapy scenes bring the reader into real help in a way often not presented. Similarly, the police involvement and the police investigation trying to stop his reign of terror is very ‘street’ even when the city and the media believe the string of violence against little children is the act of a pedophile’s rage.

The action moves at a quick pace leading to his ultimate act of violence against infants. The story is based on composites of kids, parents and law enforcement personnel I deal with each day and the concluding act of violence is also based on a real case.

Reviewers say: “Who else can better take us into the world of a disturbed teen?”
And: “Not only a fiction thriller, but it explains kids who explode.”

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