Family Fit (2nd Edition) - Book Cover

Family Fit – 2nd Edition

“Dr. John Mayer has invented an ingenious solution to the epidemic of childhood obesity that masquerades as an enjoyable family outing.

His unique approach employs the latest research on human health and behavior and is shaped by his 30 years experience as a beloved family pychologist.
Effective and fun, Dr. Mayer’s program can help anyone achieve extraordinary fitness.”

—Mark Bryan, founding member of Oprah’s Change Your Life Team
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For Value Based Coaching: Principles and Perspectives

Value-Based Coaching: Principles and Perspectives

More than a book on becoming a more successful coach, this is a book on how to become more effective in all aspects of teaching young people through sports. Practical and evidenced based, this is an A thru Z manual to be a successful coach and positive influence in the lives of the young people you lead. This book is also the manual for becoming a certified Ethical Youth Coach-EYC.
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Shadow Warrior by Dr. John Mayer

Shadow Warrior

Film rights being handled by Stephen Moore, The Paul Kohlner Agency, Hollywood, CA.

A thriller based on actual law enforcement case files about the true inside story of the drug problem in the United States. The trafficking of drugs is not done exclusively by sleazy characters from south of the US border. The story tells the tale of how big business in the US supports and promotes the illegal drug economy. The hero, a CIA operative, is unleashed on a ruminant US businessman to take down his underground drug kingdom. Along the way a torrid romance takes place while surrounded by gripping action and a face paced plot.

Now it’s finally Zero Tolerance in the War on Drugs!

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IMMORTAL 9x6 FINAL DESIGN 2 as of 7-30-14

Immortal: The First Tango

This is an exciting, fast paced adventure, thriller and Yes Romance. The Hungarian aristocrat Octavious’ existence is dominated by four overpowering conditions:

1. His seclusion from a world that cannot accept him and enemies sworn to kill him.
2. The possibility of being reunited with his long lost love, Vera.
3. The dance art form-Tango.
4. The virus that controls his physical being.

He is infected with the disease porphyria, a condition that bestows immortal life and powerful attributes on its host and may have been the inspiration for the vampire legends.

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Creating a Safe and Welcoming School

Creating a Safe and Welcoming School

Having established himself as the leading authority on young people, at-risk youth and families, the United Nations asked Dr. Mayer to write this book to help schools around the world establish safe schools while maintaining the school as a place that is a welcoming environment for young people to enter and learn.

Like all Dr. Mayer’s body of work, this book is a practical ‘how-to’ to reach these objectives.
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You’re Not the Only One on This Planet

You’re Not the Only One on This Planet

This book is a clever satire with a serious social message: How poorly we treat each other in society and how this poor behavior weakens us personally and as a nation.

The book critiques a wide array of everyday social behaviors and offers solutions on how to correct our uncivilized behavior.

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AAAB FINAL Revised 9-2-14 copy

An Anger at Birth

An Anger at Birth is a thriller about a violent, psychologically disturbed teenager who violates the ultimate social taboo and preys on infants and toddlers. The story takes the reader in close to the genesis of his anger of his own damaged history starting with his illegitimate birth.

This teen represents many of the ticking bomb teens in our world and how they confront an inept social services system, disenfranchised schools, and ill-equipped single moms.

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