Are Your Kids Emotionally Ready for School This Year?

2. August, 2015

Dr John Mayer


Parents leave the ABC’s to School instead implement the 3 A’s in Your Home

Book bag-√
Three Ring Binder-√
Lunch Box-√
Pens and Paper-√
School Shoes-√

Work Ethic-?

We often do a great job as parents attending to the material needs of our kids as they prepare for the new school year, but what about their emotional readiness?

Want to build incredible success in your children’s lives this school year? Implement the 3A’s– Attitude, Approach, Atmosphere—in your home this school year. In fact, start to instill these in you home now, before school starts. So here goes, here’s how to apply the 3A’s to your home or school:

Attitude: What are your values and beliefs toward school and education in general? Make school a priority in your household. Frequently EXPRESS these attitudes in the presence of your kids. Don’t assume everyone ‘gets it’ by your actions. It is important to give voice to your attitudes. Your kids are listening. Your attitude should always be positive, enthusiastic, and supportive.

Approach: This ‘A’ is all about modeling, the most powerful tool adults can use to influence young people. Student needs a piece of poster board at 10:00pm on Sunday night? Drop everything and run out and get it. That’s what the kids might call, ‘Walk-the-Walk.’ But also, ‘Talk-the-Talk.’ Be careful how you talk about school. How many of us sound like this: “The party is over, school starts in two weeks.” Listen to the subtle, yet powerful anti-school message in that statement. Or, here’s my favorite hidden anti-school message: “Hooray, you have a day off (Or, half-day or late start.) no school today!” Are we supposed to be so happy to miss something that is positive and fun in our (their) lives? You wouldn’t say, “Hooray, Disneyland is closed today. So, we are cancelling our vacation! Yipee!”

Atmosphere: It is one thing for YOU to change your attitude and approach and this will make a huge difference, but you can become even a more powerful results by standing up and making sure young people are surrounded by a healthy, positive academic environment in the home. Buy all that chotsky that school sells (Your welcome school bookstores.) pennants, banners, hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. and have them in your house and on your person. These are AFFIRMATIONS and affirmations work! Yea, put good papers on that refrigerator. Never mind that teens will think it’s ‘dumb.’ They still see your pride.

One last point about the 3A’s for this post: All three of these efforts work together for great effect. There is a synergy between these 3A’s. Implementing one is good, but using all three is great! More specific tips next time.

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