Detentions & Suspensions

18. December, 2012

Dr John Mayer, Mayers Memos


Detentions & Suspensions

(This issue’s topic, taken from the response to our survey:)

The most popular topic suggested the parents on the philosophy and rule structure from the survey we did on these Memos last of the school. Have the student’s counselor stop spring was to discuss my thoughts on in and work with the parent on academic and DETENTIONS & SUSPENSIONS.

Behavioral problems.

I would like us to consider a few facts: I have always found that when you involve and to be honest, inconvenience, the parents, most

  • Research shows that the vast of the student offenders show remarkable majority of students who serve progress. Detentions and/or suspensions are repeat offenders.
  • Home suspensions often punish 2- Give students real consequences. parents more than the student. For every detention, no matter the infraction
  • Monetary fines also punish always remove the student from the parents more than students. scene/class of the offense. They should be
  • The typical after school detention sent the student to the Dean’s office or does not achieve remediation of Student Services immediately. behavior. It just detains. Teacher should send student away with

Now consider a few solutions: an extra homework assignment or a

‘make-up’ assignment(s) the student missed

1- Always get parents involved in in the past. May want to put this step

detentions and suspensions right on your suspension/detention slip.


Student returns to that class only after

Student’s 1st and 2nd detention = passing a test on the subject matter of

student must call parent immediately those class hours they missed.

from the dean’s office. The Dean and

a counselor also talk with the parent. Eliminate completely any home detention

or suspension. Home suspensions just

3rd offense = parent must come to reward the negative behavior.

a 7:15 AM meeting the next morning.

Levy a fine on the student. Make it the

4th offense and beyond = the parent pro-rated amount of the hourly salary

must show up at school and sit with of the staff member monitoring the in-

their child while they serve the in-school school suspension/detention.

suspension or detention. No matter how —Summary—

many class periods this is. 1st & 2nd offense = remove student–

parent call–make-up work + quiz

Use this time to instruct the student and 3rd offense & beyond = remove longer per

seriousness of the offense—all of the 1st &

2nd conditions—more make-up work/study



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