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IMMORTAL 9x6 FINAL DESIGN 2 as of 7-30-14
This is an exciting, fast paced adventure, thriller and Yes Romance. The Hungarian aristocrat Octavious’ existence is dominated by four overpowering conditions:

1. His seclusion from a world that cannot accept him and enemies sworn to kill him.
2. The possibility of being reunited with his long lost love, Vera.
3. The dance art form-Tango.
4. The virus that controls his physical being.

He is infected with the disease porphyria, a condition that bestows immortal life and powerful attributes on its host and may have been the inspiration for the vampire legends.

Immortal takes us into Octavious’ life today, the dangerous world he lives in, and the excitement reuniting with the love of his life, Vera. Vital to the storytelling is Octavious’ love of Tango and his role in the development of this dance art form over 400 years earlier. Yes, Octavious was there in Hungary when Tango was born. And yes, the first Tango came from Hungary. Out-of-body time travel takes the reader and Vera with Octavious 400 years ago as he refines and spreads Tango from Hungary to Argentina and back to the European continent. Mystery surrounds whether Vera is the same Vera that Octavious lost many years ago, a mystery that is resolved in the action packed conclusion set in the current day.

The story of Immortal: The First Tango is set in Hungary, the United States, and Argentina. The time line of the story ranges from 21st century U.S.A. to 1600’s Hungary and back to Hungary of today at the conclusion.

Reviewers say: “This is Vampires for adults.” And: “Mayer makes the possibility real.” And: “Maybe Mayer’s best writing yet.”

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