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Services Provided to Schools, Institutions and Families – 26th Year


  • New & Existing Program Implementation
  • Guidance on Individuals at-risk
  • Crises Interventions and Emergencies
  • Substance Abuse-Programs/Prevention/Intervention


Providing life changing interventions for youth and families

  • Psychotherapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Crises Intervention

School In-Services

Topics include: Classroom discipline; substance abuse; building respect; staff and student motivation; team building; working with parents; tolerance; violence prevention; bullying/teasing; student maturity; socialization; value development; responsibility development and more.

Parent and Student Presentations

  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Programs
  • Presentations

Topics include: Family discipline; building better grades; bullying/teasing; extra curricular activities; substance abuse; youth violence; responsibility development; motivation; developing values in students; Powerful Parenting; family togetherness; physical fitness/health in youth and many more.

The Comprehensive School Substance Abuse Program

The most comprehensive and effective, yet cost effective program available to provide a school with a complete substance abuse program meeting the upcoming federally mandated guidelines. Can be purchased as a self administered manual or the manual comes with personal consultation from Dr. Mayer.

Dr. Mayer’s Memo

In its 25th year, the most respected newsletter for schools on topical issues in youth development (This free newsletter can come to your school or institution at no charge see the Subscribe tab on this web site.)

Books and Pamphlets

  • Civility/Bad Behavior
  • Sports Coaching
  • Family Fitness
  • Smoking
  • Family Drug Prevention
  • Family Gang Prevention
  • Getting Great Grades

Getting Help for a Troubed Teen

(Call or email Now for a personal appointment to discuss your teen.)

Bullying and Teasing ~ A Lethal Mix

  • The US Secret Service estimates that 2 out of every 3 youth perpetrators of acts of violence have been victims of bullying or teasing.
  • The most frequent way that kids are bullied/teased is based on how they look or talk. Something they can’t do anything about.
  • The bully is emotionally damaged at that time in their life. Their aim(s) include: Power, attention, modeling parental behavior, success, copycat behavior, displacement, gang behavior and more
  • There are only three (3) ways to stop from being bullied or teased.
  • Nothing else works.

Parents and schools can be taught how to end bullying and teasing.

Teens and Sex ~ The Hushed Tragedy

  • Few teens concern themselves about protected sex in spite of all efforts to educate them about safe sex.
  • In pre-teens and early teens sexuality is “me centered” and not about love, mutuality, affection or other adult-like conditions of sexuality.
  • Young people are experimenting with sex at earlier ages than ever before.
  • The majority of teens have a critical lack of information about sexually transmitted disease.
  • A large percentage of teens will have their first sexual experience while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Acts of Violent Teens Fill our Daily News

Can incidences of mass violence by youth occur in your area? Profiles give indications of where these acts typically occur.

Does entertainment or the media provoke kids to act violently? This professional says NO!

Can violent tendencies in youth be prevented? YES,

What can Parents and Schools do to prevent violence in youth?

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