Author ~ Clinician ~ Lecturer

Dr John Mayer



Dr. Mayer is a uniquely passionate professional bringing warmth, sensitivity and high energy to everything
he does. He is noted for taking complex problems and breaking them down to fundamental solutions.

A native Chicagoan, he received his doctorate from Northwestern University Medical School…in the day!

An accomplished scientist, he is the author of over 60 scientific publications in his field, most on family life, and 20 books. The book he was asked to write for the United Nations on creating a safe and welcoming school was distributed around the world. He is Associate Professor at the University of Nuevo Leon, MX

He was honored by Cambridge (England) as one of the top 2000 scientists of the 20 th century for his work in substance abuse in teens and families. In his continued work on substance abuse, he sits on the Board of Directors of the innovative, Above and Beyond treatment center and maintains a heavy clinical caseload in
substance abuse in youth and families.

He is an award-winning screenwriter. He has written 7 screenplays, 3 published novels, a stage play and
has consulted on films.

Dr. Mayer is the president of the International Sports Professionals Association-ISPA. An athlete his entire
life, he is a strong advocate of a healthy lifestyle as evidenced by his book: Family Fit: Find Your Balance in
Life. (major publisher). He has run in 10 marathons and lost count of how many triathlons, somewhere
between 20~30.

He consults to law enforcement, social service agencies, corporations, and healthcare facilities around the
world. He is often the expert called into ‘Headline Cases’ involving youth. He is an acknowledged expert
witness in court cases.

Dr. Mayer resides in Chicago, IL USA and is a devoted family man with successful children and three