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screenwriter, film producer,
movie consultant and fiction
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Young Adults and Families
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20 Published Books & 3 Novels
Over 60 Professional Articals Published
25+ Years of Experience
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Dr John Mayer

Dr. Mayer is a uniquely passionate professional
bringing warmth, sensitivity and high energy tc everything he does. He is noted for taking complex problems and breaking them down to
fundamental solutions.

A native Chicagoan, he received his doctorate
from Northwestern University Medical
School…in the day!

An accomplished scientist, he is the author of
over 60 scientific publications in his field, most on family life.

Dr John Mayer

What are Mayer’s Memos?

I started these “Memos” 27 years ago because I found
myself running around schools

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Mayer’s Memos

    Anxiety’s A B!tch,
    with any device

    I’m going to break the rules here. The first five of these Podcasts get right into practical help. Only after that do I get around to all that long boring, but important stuff on what Anxiety is and does to your body.

    A Few of Dr. Mayer's Books

    Someone recently said to me: “You seem to write about so many different things, what is the common thread in your writing?