The topics that I am often asked to speak on are:

  • Substance Abuse:
  • What’s a parent to do?
  • What’s a school to do?
  • Family/School Discipline
  • Bullying/Socialization in Young People
  • Family Cohesion
  • Ahhh…..The Puzzle of Parents (for faculty inservices)
  • Motivating Young People
  • Opening the Head of Today’s Teens
  • The Magic Kingdom (How Teens want to be adults)
  • Aggression in Young People
  • Fitness/Health/Weight Loss Issues in Families and Young People
  • The Powerful Parent
  • The Powerful Teacher
  • Parenting is Leadership
  • Teaching is Leadership
  • Becoming Da’ Coach to Great Grades
  • Parenting: The Recipe for a Successful Child
  • Straight Talk: The best methods to talk to kids
  • Pre-Prom Presentations for Parents and Students
  • Role of Extracurricular Activities and Sports
  • Creating The Safe School Environment
  • Value Development & Morality in Youth
  • Tolerance and Multi-Cultural Issues and Beyond Tolerance
  • Responsibility Development in Youth
  • Suicide Issues-Prevention
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Crises Team Development for Schools

My CORPORATE presentations have been very well received at:

  • The Kellog Foundation
  • McDonald’s Corporation
  • Elkay International
  • NBA Player’s Association
  • University of Nuevo Leon-Monterrey Mexico
  • University of Chicago
  • Loyola University
  • DePaul University
  • Adler School of Professional Psychology
  • The Mayo Clinic

Teen Discipline

Power Tools – Discipline

Let me take this space to remind you that my presentations to parents-faculty-students are very successful. Personally, I enjoy coming out and meeting you and your community.

There are a variety of formats for such presentations and audiences have found them informative as well as entertaining.

These formats have been: Parent Nights; Faculty In-Services; Student Presentations; Seminars; Town-Hall Meetings; Community Groups and many others.