Cry Baby
Be Careful What Lurks Under Your Bed— It Can Kill You! (With Koji Sakai)

Genre: Horror

Format: Feature-91pages  

Setting: Today Urban/Suburban—A Christian Detention Camp 

Logline: Be careful what lurks under your bed—it can kill you.

Long Logline: An abused, sensitive boy transforms into a demon that uses childhood fears as a murder weapon for revenge. 

Uniqueness: Horror based on childhood fears. Transformation of main teen character into demonic beings. Boogie Man, Sandman, Faceless Woman, The Demon from the dark, Spiders, all set in an abusive right-wing Christian detention camp for teens.

Brief Synopsis: Colton McGraw has the power to see people’s childhood fears and manifest them. At first, he’s scared of the monsters that only he can see but when his mom’s mean boyfriend dumps her, he uses his power for evil. He sends a monster to kill the boyfriend but does it by using the boyfriend’s fear against him.

Colton’s mom is worried about him and sends him to a religious camp in the hopes of saving him. But the camp turns out to be a hell on Earth—where abuse of every kind is normal. The only good thing in the camp is Erin, who instantly sees the goodness in him. But soon the abuse gets to Colton and he unleashes his monsters. The campers, counselors and administrators must face off against their childhood fear—but not just in their dreams, right there in camp.

Will Colton give in to his dark side or will Erin help him discover his long buried inner goodness?