Two brilliant and irreverent hospital

SERIES LOGLINE: Two brilliant and irreverent hospital psychologists jab at the administration, their fellow colleagues, and the state of mental health care at Meyer Memorial Medical Center considered the Mayo Clinic of Mental Health while treating severe cases of the most psychologically troubled in society-teens and children. MASH meets Mental Health.




   Emotionally challenged people, especially young people, often do and say scatologic, funny things and they have experienced conditions that are highly painful. Similarly, doctors under great stress find humor as an outlet. Difficult cases call for treatment approaches that seem unconventional in the mental health field now dominated by psychology-lite techniques, profit motives and pejorative care. 

   The series has quirky, lovable characters that expose mental health care. They solve difficult cases within this hilarious setting. Fight obstacles in this conventional setting. Audiences will attach to the cast of characters, and they will get caught up in the seriousness of the cases and how Jon and Owen set themselves apart as brilliant doctors that center on practical solutions that will stimulate ‘Ah Ha’ moments for the viewers. The story lines will have moments of seriousness, even tragedy, then laugh-out-loud humor, then tenderness, then conflict and even frustration. In short, the compelling series stirs up every human emotion. 


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Two brilliant and irreverent hospital

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