Last Season
Hoosiers Updated and Edgy!

Genre: Drama-Coming of Age-Sports Triumph

New Logline: “When an inner-city high school basketball star and his teammates become the starting five for an elite university, they struggle against the temptations of college life, a players’ strike, an NCAA tournament Semi-final game walkout, and a Goliath in the national championship game.”

Logline: 1-Hoosiers updated and edgy. 2-Hoop Dreams Now! 

Uniqueness: Exploitation of college athletes. First college player strike. Quirky high sexual tension in main character relationship. Special Note: I’ve met with music icon, Jim Peternik (Eye of the Tiger, Vehicle) about a remix of those classic songs and using for this film. 

            Brief Synopsis: This is the coming-of-age story of a talented urban teen athlete, Tony, who is recruited by an elite college along with the entire starting five from his high school. Keeping the high school five together is a bold experiment by an iconic coach to move this academic school into the sports spotlight. The team struggles through the college temptations of drugs and sex, as well as losing seasons, the coach’s firing and the first major college athlete’s strike. At the center of all this turmoil and triumph Tony finds himself as student, athlete, lover and leader provoked by his tumultuous relationship with Noel, a wealthy intellectual co-ed disinterested in the whole college athletic scene.  When was the last inspirational basketball movie?  


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Hoosiers Updated and Edgy!

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