The Paraclete
Here There is No Why

  Genre: Horror

            Page Length: 88 pages

            Logline: Here there is no ‘Why.’

            New Logline: When an extremist church [devoted to the Holy Spirit] unwittingly summons an entity that kills underachieving teens, Isabella and Logan seek out a former exorcist-turned psychologist and his priest mentor to stop the horror. Here There is No Why!

Uniqueness: The ex-priest and exorcist now psychologist. The Holy Spirit being prominent whereas other such films in this genre focuses on Jesus Christ. The teen protagonists team up with the adult protagonist to battle the demon. A new horror character-The Prevenient-the messenger of Satan.

2016-Top 25 in Nichols Screenwriting Competition

2016- 4/5 Page International Screenwriter’s Association Screenwriting Competition

Brief Synopsis: After an extremist church invokes what they think is the Holy Spirit but is actually an evil Apparition that begins to murder teens in the church community, an ex-priest and exorcist turned forensic psychologist along with a couple of the teens being targeted must team up to destroy the entity before it’s too late.


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Here There is No Why

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