Mayer's Memo

I started these “Memos” 27 years ago because I found myself running around schools, both locally and nationally, addressing the same issues on Friday as I was on Monday. So, being very protective of my energy and time I began to write down observations, research, thoughts, and solutions to the dilemmas schools faced with students in the areas of general mental health, behavior, development, substance abuse, discipline, etc. I then began to send these missives around to the schools contacting me. The original purpose was to save me the time and energy of repeating myself over and over again. Today, Mayer’s Memo is distributed across the country and has received awards for its content.

What are Mayer’s Memos?

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Mayer’s Memos

Trained as a clinician and researcher at Northwestern University Medical School, I prided myself with always researching what I was saying on consultations bringing the state-of-the-art science blended with my own clinical experience. These Memos continue that tradition of always being based on the latest research in the field blended with my own interpretations and clinical experience both as a consultant and as a practicing clinician helping young people and their families in my daily work.

So, you will find these Memos:

  • Practical
  • Solution oriented.
  • Common sense presentation – no esoteric psychobabble.
  • They take a stand.


I have never been reluctant to state an opinion that’s based on the firm foundations of my research and successful clinical work.As a result, hopefully they are thought provoking. They are never intended to be dogmatic. I respect and admire the work you do. This is my way of supporting this work. You are an expert in your area and I know some things from my work with youth that is intended to help you think differently about youth and families. How you put these thoughts into practice, if at all, is your business. I certainly couldn’t do your work any better.

Finally, this is a grassroots effort. No professional writer or marketing person puts this together (Isn’t that obvious?). Mayer’s Memos are a very personal communication between us. In the early days my family helped fold envelopes, lick stamps and otherwise help with the production. Being referred youth-families to my care and the fees from my consultations-speeches pay for all the costs. There may be a better way to do this, but I like it! The response has been supportive enough to keep this going and in my view this is the essence of applying research to the good of the community.

Many recipients of Mayer’s Memo copy issues and then distribute to their community. Feel free to do so, just remember in view of copyright laws to copy the Memo in its entirety with my name and contact information on it. If you are quoting from it, please make the appropriate reference. Mayer’s Memos make great content to add to parent “take homes.” Feel free to pass along in this way